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CEO Robert Hohman Explains Glassdoor’s Mission

Glassdoor's mission is to help people find jobs they love and to help companies attract top talent. Hear CEO Robert Hohman explain how Glassdoor helps job seekers and employers by increasing transparency, improving communication, and driving engagement.

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  • 10SugarCRM Makes 10 Hires in 6 Months with Glassdoor Job Ads

  • 45Fred Hutch makes 45 hires at $826 cost-per-hire with Glassdoor

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Employer Branding

Your reputation counts. With a Glassdoor Enhanced Profile, you can showcase your employer brand in a transparent and authentic way to influence candidates at the moment they’re making decisions about where to work. 95% of job seekers say reviews from those on the inside are influential when deciding where to work. ...continue reading Learn more

Job Advertising

There are tons of job boards. But only one place where your job advertising and online recruitment can be uniquely targeted to attract only the most ideal candidates. Glassdoor advertises your jobs to over 22 million engaged, informed candidates across the site, on mobile, in email alerts and throughout our partner network. Employers like WeddingWire are reporting 2x better applicant quality from Glassdoor as measured by app-to-hire ratios. ...continue reading Learn More

Display Advertising

Run Targeted Display Ads On Competitor Pages to Make Qualified Hires ...continue reading Learn more

The Works

When you advertise your jobs and promote your employer brand in the place where the right candidates are looking for it, the results can be extraordinary: 2x better applicant quality at a 30% lower cost-per-hire compared to traditional job boards 3x the influence over candidates compared to LinkedIn. Glassdoor bundles job advertising and employer branding to maximize your talent acquisition strategy budget and optimize results. ...continue reading Learn more

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