Employers Be Like, FML…A

By Maren Hogan on July 27, 2015

Let me begin by saying, the Family and Medical Leave Act is vital in protecting employees’ rights and obligations outside of work. The workplace isn’t a vacuum in which the outside world has no effect. It is quite the opposite; …Read More


8 Recruiting Instagram Handles to Follow

By Glassdoor Team on July 24, 2015

Social media is a powerful tool that can help you recruit top talent, showcase your company culture and brand your organization. Instagram has undeniably claimed a spot at the top of the ladder among various social channels. So how can …Read More


The Cost of an Employer Brand

By Alicia Garibaldi on July 23, 2015

As candidates gain more insight into what it’s like to work at an organization through reviews and ratings and sites like Glassdoor, employers have started to put a larger emphasis on employer branding strategies. The old days of marketing your …Read More


The Real Reason Your Employees Quit

By Guest Contributor on July 22, 2015

This article originally appeared in Fortune. Employees want to know what goes on behind closed doors. The Leadership Insider network is an online community where the most thoughtful and influential people in business contribute answers to timely questions about careers …Read More


Part 2: Hiring Manager Roadblocks, Making Improvements

By Glassdoor Team on July 22, 2015

This blog post is the second in a series of five posts based on our webinar with Greenhouse, 10 Hiring Manager Recruiter Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them. Within an organization, each team or department should work side by side …Read More


5 Ways Visual Storytelling Drives Recruitment

By Chris Murphy on July 21, 2015

Successful recruiting hinges on the stories we tell. Candidates ignore bad stories like you ignore Aunt Sally when she gets lost on a tangent for 15 minutes. And the particular stories we need to tell in recruiting – about the people …Read More


25 Tips from Top CEOs

By Glassdoor Team on July 21, 2015

Building trust, encouraging open communication, promoting teamwork and motivating your employees isn’t just a simple checklist of organizational best practices – it’s a lifestyle all leaders should adopt in order to be successful. Rather than shy away from candidate advice …Read More


5 Tips for Filling Hard-to-Fill Positions

By Susan Underwood on July 20, 2015

As an employer or recruiter, you certainly want to fill open positions with the best talent you can find. But this process can be challenging. Recruiting for new or highly technical positions can require a fresh approach and updated strategy. Keep in mind …Read More


Revealing the 10 Most-Followed Companies on Glassdoor

By Glassdoor Team on July 17, 2015

What makes a great profile that attracts not only potential job seekers but enthusiastic company fans as well? To find out, Glassdoor looked at companies with the most followers to determine the top 10. From pictures and video to “Why …Read More

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