How Smart HR Pros are Becoming Better Marketers

Smart HR pros and recruiters around the globe are using ratings and reviews, good or bad, in their favor. They’re learning how to use this knowledge to ultimately manage their employer brand and connect with candidates and new hires. And guess …

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Top 15 Best Cities for Recent Grads

At 18, a student’s biggest decision is selecting a college where he or she can be most successful. Fast-forward four years (or five or six), and this individual’s next big choice is picking a location where he or she has …

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How 150+ Employers Are Confirming a Commitment to Transparency with Glassdoor OpenCompany

According to a recent Glassdoor survey, 92% of job seekers are more likely to apply for a job at a company recognized for transparency. If you’re not doing anything to encourage workplace transparency, you could be losing talent to those …

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How Recruiters Can Benefit From Glassdoor Job Explorer, a New Interactive Job Search Mapping Tool

Today Glassdoor debuted Job Explorer, an interactive job search mapping tool designed to help job seekers quickly pinpoint available jobs as an individual or as a couple, and identify alternate career paths. In this blog I’ll highlight what Job Explorer …

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4 Features You Didn’t Know About in the Employer Center

Think of the Glassdoor Employer Center as the command center for your employer brand. Our product team is constantly adjusting and improving the tools within to be as useful and intuitive as possible. Sometimes we find users get in the …

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