Glassdoor Summit is on the Way!

By Glassdoor Team on February 27, 2015

Last year’s inaugural Employer Branding Summit was explosive. Our intimate conference evolved into a worldwide classroom discussion focused on sharing pioneering employer branding strategies. We counted 100 in-person attendees and 11 speakers, but the results were far beyond those modest …Read More


5 Keys to Driving Candidate Experience

By Jason Webster on February 26, 2015

Many HR and talent acquisition professionals know that a positive candidate experience is critical to attracting top talent. Ninety-six percent of candidates say a positive experience would encourage them to refer someone else to an organization, which results in a strong network …Read More


Behind the Scenes at the Best Places to Work Roadshow

By Glassdoor Team on February 25, 2015

The Glassdoor Best Places to Work Roadshow kicked off last week in San Francisco to a packed house of employers looking for answers to the question: How do I make my company a better place to work? Glassdoor VP of …Read More

talent wars heat up

Talent Wars Heating Up: Glassdoor Survey

By Glassdoor Team on February 23, 2015

The power seat has shifted and job seekers are finally beginning to take the upper hand – now recruiters and human resources professionals are having a hard time filling great positions. According to the Glassdoor Recruiting Outlook Survey conducted by …Read More


5 CEO Responses on Glassdoor Worth Reading

By Glassdoor Team on February 23, 2015

CEOs: have you thought about responding to your company’s Glassdoor reviews? Taking the time to respond to your employees’ feedback is worth it. Top 3 reasons Appreciation. It’s important to take time to thank your employees. Reputation. You are the kind of …Read More


Recruiters, Which 2015 Oscars Best Picture Nominee Are You?

By Glassdoor Team on February 20, 2015

At Glassdoor, recruiters are always on our mind. Movies and pop culture, too. So, naturally we combined the lot into a quiz, “Which 2015 Oscars Best Picture Nominee Are You?” Take it and find out how your recruiting style matches up with …Read More


Money Isn’t Everything: Recruiting Sales Pros

By Michael Boyko on February 19, 2015

When a sales professional is searching for a new job, there are many factors to consider. Money is one of the most important elements – but it isn’t everything. Instead of simply accepting the highest offer, most sales professionals take …Read More


People Make Cisco a Best Place to Work

By Caroline Griffiths on February 19, 2015

Cisco is delighted to be a Glassdoor UK Employees’ Choice Award winner. This award means so much to us as it was all based on the comments of our own people, and their views and feedback are what really matter …Read More


5 Things You Need to Stop Doing at Work

By Rachelle Falls on February 18, 2015

From the burned microwave popcorn smell that hangs in the office to the missing lunch in the fridge, we all have things that bother us about our colleagues. Being professional in a work setting should be easy. But let’s face …Read More

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