Why Glassdoor Matters in the Recruitment Process

By Sanjay Shah on November 21, 2014

Just like in consumer marketing, employment branding (a crucial part of the recruitment process) is built on many moving parts that make up the overall image. And just like in consumer branding, employers need to constantly identify the parts in motion, …Read More


Why Your Employer Brand is More Than Just Job Clicks

By Glassdoor Team on November 20, 2014

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about what makes up a company’s employer brand. Is it the colors and mission statement on your careers page or your social media sites? Or is it how candidates perceive you? Maybe it’s what …Read More


3 Tips to Hiring Top Sales Pros

By Michael Boyko on November 17, 2014

In today’s fast-paced business environment, top-notch sales professionals are being inundated with emails and calls from recruiters. We respond to most of these emails with one click: “delete.” While answering machines have become the enemy of all recruiters, more companies …Read More


What Job Seekers Really Think of Your Diversity Stats

By Glassdoor Team on November 17, 2014

Workplace diversity has been a hot topic this year as several tech companies have released their diversity numbers for the first time. Companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple have published the demographic data of their workforce. At Glassdoor we’re …Read More


5 Content Marketing Best Practices That Can Help You Recruit

By Alicia Garibaldi on November 13, 2014

As a recruiter, you need to put on a marketing hat. I know you’ve heard that before; after all, “recruitment marketing” is all the rage. You can whip up amazing job descriptions seasoned with photos and videos, and blog posts …Read More


Glassdoor’s 2014 Recruiting Budget: Revealed

By Steve Roop on November 12, 2014

It’s 2015 planning time. It’s time to figure out your 2015 recruiting goals, strategies and tactics. It’s also time to nail down what budget and resources you need to hit those goals. And of course, you aren’t done until you’ve …Read More


Glassdoor Product Update: Company Updates

By Karthik Raman on November 11, 2014

Today, we are introducing a new feature on Glassdoor called Company Updates. Company Updates gives you the ability to share interesting and relevant updates related to your work culture and hiring needs with career-minded people who are researching your company …Read More


Glassdoor Product Release 11.11: Latest Features

By Greg Castle on November 11, 2014

Want to learn what’s new with Glassdoor? Check out some of the latest and greatest product releases, including Company Updates, job clicks by location, the jobs and salaries browse pages and competitor insights. NEW Company Updates EP clients can login …Read More


How to Hire a Team That Gets Sh*t Done

By Kirsten Smith on November 11, 2014

On my current team, we have a strong culture of getting sh*t done. We set our goals extremely high and we’re not satisfied unless we absolutely crush them. We are competitive together, but not with each other. All the while, …Read More

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