6 Tips for Writing Effective Job Descriptions

By Dave Brown


Writing an effective job description isn’t exactly rocket science, but there are some key things to keep in mind for maximum effectiveness. After all, your overarching goal is to attract high quality candidates and avoid those who need not apply. …

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Fannie Mae: Employer Brand vs. Employee Sentiment

By Glassdoor Team


How do government-sponsored enterprises like the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA), commonly known as Fannie Mae, stand out to potential job candidates and in the eyes of employees? We examine what this Fortune 500 company does to promote its employer …

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How to Create an Employer Brand From Scratch

By Glassdoor Team


In today’s market, simply posting a job opening and waiting for resumes to start coming in won’t help you recruit and retain the top-level employees you want. Instead, companies that attract top talent have a desirable employer brand, or a …

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Have Tough To Fill Roles? Forget Everything You Did In The Past

By Donna Fuscaldo


Finding good workers is challenging enough, but identifying candidates for those hard to fill positions can be downright impossible. Many companies make the mistake of settling on a candidate that has some of the skills instead of holding out for …

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Why Photos Are a Must for Your Employer Brand

By Glassdoor Team


As social media has become the leading way of connecting with others and with brands, photo sharing has become the choice method for making social and emotional connections. As a result, your company simply can’t build an authentic employer brand …

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