The 5 Questions Every Candidate Hopes You’ll Ask

By Franz Gilbert


Interviewing is usually stressful for the candidate, but what about the hiring manager? Interviewing candidates to determine whether or not they are a fit for your organization can be quite a burden. To make it easy, I’ve gathered the top …

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Trends in Employer Branding

By Glassdoor Team


As more employers seek to build their employer brands to attract and keep top talent, the field of employer branding continues to evolve. Changing technologies and employment trends mean that companies must remain always aware of the current environment so …

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Employer Branding for Small Companies

By Glassdoor Team


Most of the employers around the world are small businesses, employing 500 or (many) fewer workers. And while a small business owner or HR department may not be able to offer the same salary, perks and benefits as a larger …

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Career Product Marketing: What Are You Selling?

By Ann Barrett


On my social recruiting blog, I recently talked about how organizations are using crowdsourcing to improve marketing messages to make products more appealing. I spoke about how HR functions can also utilize this rich data to improve its employee value …

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Where to Communicate Your Employer Brand

By Glassdoor Team


Once you’ve established the values and messages of your employer brand, it’s time to determine how to communicate those values and messages with your target audience. According to Employer Brand International’s Global Research Study, the most common venues for communicating …

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