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Adding Authenticity to Your Career Site

By Glassdoor Team on June 25, 2015

Creating consistency across all of your organization’s career platforms is no easy task. But it can greatly enhance and amplify the employer brand you’ve worked so hard to establish and nurture. When a job candidate sees your mission statement and …Read More


Why Your Career Site Isn’t Working

By Glassdoor Team on June 24, 2015

You know the phrase, “It’s not you. It’s me?” Well it may be time to keep this in mind if you find your employer brand has low awareness or you’re not getting the candidate pipeline you hoped. I know, not …Read More


5 Reasons Your Interviews Are Taking Too Long

By Glassdoor Team on June 18, 2015

Does it feel like the candidate interview process is taking an increasingly longer time? It’s not your imagination. A new Glassdoor Economic Research report titled “Why is Hiring Taking Longer?” by Glassdoor Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain found that the …Read More


10 Ways to Win with Recruitment Marketing

By Glassdoor Team on June 15, 2015

Every employer, large or small, has a unique brand, mission and culture to employ in the never-ending war for talent. Recruitment marketing—now the subject of a new Dummies® eBook from Glassdoor—can be your talent acquisition ace in the hole, helping …Read More


7 Things Employers Should Know About Glassdoor

By Glassdoor Team on June 11, 2015

Today Glassdoor turns seven years old! When we began, Glassdoor was a controversial website that made CEOs, HR professionals, marketers and communications people feel uncomfortable. This level of workplace transparency was new and with the site’s debut it brought to light …Read More

People Holding Tips

Highest Rated CEOs: Winners Share Leadership Tips

By Glassdoor Team on June 9, 2015

Today, Glassdoor released our annual report on the Highest Rated CEOs, now in five categories including U.S. large, U.S. SMB, UK, Canada and Germany. This report is designed to honor CEOs who have truly gained the trust and admiration of …Read More


Why Investing in Your Culture is Worth It

By Glassdoor Team on May 28, 2015

Is investing in your company culture worth it? Employee engagement programs can be tough to measure, but, ultimately, investments in your company culture and employer brand lead to recruiting cost and time savings, higher candidate quality, upped productivity levels and …Read More


Glassdoor Breaks Out Employee Reviews

By Glassdoor Team on May 28, 2015

Employee feedback shapes an organization and is what candidates are in search of when considering one company over another. The more representative the information is of the candidate’s potential role, the more valuable the information becomes. Full-time employees and contractors, …Read More


How Dutch Employers Can Use Glassdoor

By Glassdoor Team on May 19, 2015

Glassdoor is proud to announce the debut of its free Dutch language site, iOS app and Android app. Many Dutch job seekers and employees have already caught on to the value of Glassdoor – there are more than 11,000 company reviews, salary …Read More

Darts Stuck Around Dart Board

Why You Are Missing Great Job Candidates

By Glassdoor Team on May 7, 2015

If you’re a recruiter that’s measured on speed to fill open positions, then you probably already know that you’re in a game that puts a higher price on quantity and not as much on candidate quality. You may also be …Read More

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