Author: Jessica Miller-Merrell

Author and workplace technology strategist. @blogging4jobs

Creating A Workplace that Encourages Employee Engagement

By Jessica Miller-Merrell


Though there’s plenty of talk about employee engagement, the majority of what you hear is about how to handle it on the back end. What if instead of always working to fix the problems that low engagement causes, you created …

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How to Identify Employee Turnover Issues

By Jessica Miller-Merrell

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If you’re anything like more than half of companies, the issue of employee turnover keeps you up at night. And if you ask me, that’s not at all extreme or dramatic. Your people are the lifeblood of your organization and …

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How to Increase Employee Engagement

By Jessica Miller-Merrell


If your company is anything like the average organization, about 13 percent of your employees are engaged. That number comes from a worldwide Gallop poll called “State of the Global Workplace” that shed light on the fact that although companies …

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4 More Ways to Increase Employee Retention

By Jessica Miller-Merrell


Some say that the general rule of thumb for anticipating the cost of hiring a new employee is to multiply the employee’s salary by two, but the truth is that is could cost even more than that depending on your …

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Hiring Your Own Boss

By Jessica Miller-Merrell


If you’ve never been in the position to have a seat at the table when it comes to hiring your next boss, let me just tell you that it can be a strange experience. On one hand, it’s extremely valuable …

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