Kelly McGuire-Payne

Author: Kelly McGuire-Payne

Director of Client Success at Glassdoor

Working with Recruiting Agencies? What you Need to Know

By Kelly McGuire-Payne


For Employers, finding top talent can be challenging. Utilizing resources like Glassdoor to recruit the best candidates for your open positions is essential to the process. But, for an Employer that wants to be as aggressive as it can in …

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5 Recruiting Strategies Most People Don’t Know

By Kelly McGuire-Payne


Recruiting top level talent can be challenging for employers. The days of just posting open positions on a company’s career site and having that generate top level quality candidates – frankly, are over. And Job Boards that came on the …

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5 Best Practices to Recruit Employees

By Kelly McGuire-Payne


When looking to recruit top talent to your organization, there are a few tactics an employer can take in order to attract the most appealing candidates.

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How to Encourage Employees to Recruit a Friend

By Kelly McGuire-Payne


When looking to recruit top level talent, what better outlet to use than the connections of the current employees that make up your infrastructure in the first place? Often, successful individuals have connections that expand beyond the individuals they currently …

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