Are Your New Hires Failing to Meet Expectations? It Might Not Be Entirely Their Fault

By Jeff Havens

Hiring people is exhausting. You have to write the ad, screen out all the crazies, conduct a bunch of interviews, realize in the process that you weren’t 100% at screening out all the crazies, collect a few hilarious interview stories …

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Expecting a Difficult Conversation?  It Will Be Easier If You Do This

By Jeff Havens

Being in HR is occasionally challenging. Sometimes people think they deserve a raise when no one else agrees with them. Others seem to be surprised when you tell them that shouting profanities at customers or showing up several hours late …

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Employees’ Choice Award Winner Stryker Values Employee Feedback

By Lisa Holden

Since Glassdoor announced the Best Places to Work in 2014, the 50 large companies and the 50 medium-sized companies on each list have gotten creative when it comes to telling the world all about this unique win, a testament to …

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Are You Educating Your Employees About Your Employee Benefits?

By Rieva Lesonsky

Offering employee benefits is a big part of attracting and retaining qualified employees today. So if your small business is going to the trouble and expense of paying for employee benefits, don’t you want to play that up to current …

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How To Speed Up Hiring For Sought After Skills

By Donna Fuscaldo

Companies don’t want to make the wrong hiring decision but indecisiveness can also hurt, and hurt a lot. When competing for sought after skills, speed is of the essence yet many companies fail to act and often watch their dream …

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