The Cost of a Disengaged Employee

By Alyssa Retallick on May 25, 2015

Seventy-percent of the American workforce is made up of disengaged employees. Fortunately, there are ways to combat these costs if you understand what disengaged employees are, how they affect your business and steps you can take to turn them into …Read More


Are Counteroffers Hurting Your Business?

By Rieva Lesonsky on May 21, 2015

Is your small business is working hard to hold onto talented employees? If so, you may not be happy to hear about a recent survey, in which 20 percent of executives report the number of counteroffers their companies have made …Read More


The Booming Benefits of Corporate Philanthropy

By Bill Keena on May 12, 2015

Guest contributor Bill Keena, Acclaris COO and CSR Executive Sponsor You may have read my colleague’s take on how to help employees get the most from healthcare open enrollment, but healthcare is just one of many important benefits for today’s …Read More


Responding to Reviews: 5 Stages of Grief

By Eric Gonzalez on April 29, 2015

I’ve been working at Glassdoor for three years now. I spent my first year and a half in sales, working with companies to promote their employer brand and recruit using Glassdoor. The last year and a half, however, has been …Read More


How To Embrace Self-Service HR

By Donna Fuscaldo on April 20, 2015

DIY is the norm for many aspects of our lives and that is now true of human resources departments. Countless companies of all sizes are adopting self-service human resources, aiming to cut costs, free HR professionals to recruit and retain …Read More


How Authentic Are Your Employee Value Propositions?

By Ann Barrett on April 17, 2015

Marketing has become an integral part of talent strategy. The use of messages and branding to foster engagement, attract candidates and retain employees have resulted in some organizations thoughtfully and others inadvertently developing employee value propositions (EVP’s). EVP’s are messages …Read More


4 Ways to Manage Change in Your Business

By Rieva Lesonsky on March 31, 2015

Does any change in your business throw your employees for a loop? That’s only natural, because we humans are wired to have a fight-or-flight response to change. However, it can cause problems for your business. Learning how to manage change …Read More


How to Create a Positive Candidate Experience

By Glassdoor Team on March 6, 2015

It’s no secret candidates today are making career decisions with an increasingly discerning, consumer-like mindset. People are searching for a company to work as they search for a car or restaurant – taking reviews and ratings into consideration every step …Read More


Inside the Buffer Retreat

By Guest Contributor on March 3, 2015

The following post originally appeared on the Buffer blog. You can view the original post here! Travel is embedded pretty deeply into Buffer’s values—so much so that our entire remote team meets up every 5 months at various spots around …Read More


5 CEO Responses on Glassdoor Worth Reading

By Glassdoor Team on February 23, 2015

CEOs: have you thought about responding to your company’s Glassdoor reviews? Taking the time to respond to your employees’ feedback is worth it. Top 3 reasons Appreciation. It’s important to take time to thank your employees. Reputation. You are the kind of …Read More

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