Help! My Company Culture Sucks

By Kirsten Smith on October 1, 2014

You’ve taken the first step. You’ve come to the realization that your company culture is less than stellar and you feel some responsibility to fix it. The poster on the wall that blares: “Integrity… Responsibility… Accountability…” just isn’t saving the …Read More

Employee Engagement

In Employee Engagement, Relationships Matter

By Rieva Lesonsky on September 23, 2014

“Employee engagement” is a hot buzzword these days. It refers to employees who are more than just “satisfied” with their jobs—they are energized, excited and passionate about their jobs and the company they work for. Engaged employees go above and …Read More


Employee Engagement Do’s And Don’ts

By Alicia Garibaldi on September 15, 2014

A good employee engagement strategy can help you improve your overall employer brand, and getting employees to review your company can do wonders for your brand. But how do you know when to reach out about reviews when every employee …Read More


Social Media Secrets For Recruiters

By Emily Piskulick on September 8, 2014

It’s no secret that social media is here to stay. As a recruiter, it’s now your job to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest social media trends and connect with job seekers in an entirely new way. In turn, …Read More



By Glassdoor Team on September 4, 2014

Can you be happy for 100 days in a row? Here at Glassdoor, we’re taking the challenge to be happy every day at work. For 100 days, we’ll be sharing photos of what made us happy at work that day …Read More


How to Improve Company Culture

By Jeff Havens on August 29, 2014

Striving to improve company culture is a noble goal, especially in the wake of Glassdoor’s recent Top Companies for Culture & Values list. While “improving your company culture” might sound like a daunting task, it’s actually much easier to do …Read More


3 Perks You Didn’t Know Millennials Would Love

By Danielle Durante on August 20, 2014

Are your benefit packages attracting Millennials? How can you be sure? These are questions many employers ask these days, including Glassdoor. To find out what benefits Millennials really care about, we asked our own employees. The answers may surprise you, but one thing is …Read More


How to Use Benefits to Recruit and Retain

By Donna Fuscaldo on August 18, 2014

Benefits matter a lot when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent yet many companies don’t use that to their advantage. They’ll spend a fortune on all their offerings but fail to highlight it in their recruiting material and even …Read More


Business Etiquette Tips: Bringing Back Professionalism

By Rachelle Falls on July 31, 2014

How is your business etiquette? From the missing lunch in the fridge to the over use of speakerphone, we all have things that bother us about our colleagues, but a big part of retention is making sure that seemingly minimal …Read More


Are Your New Hires Failing to Meet Expectations? It Might...

By Jeff Havens on July 9, 2014

Hiring people is exhausting. You have to write the ad, screen out all the crazies, conduct a bunch of interviews, realize in the process that you weren’t 100% at screening out all the crazies, collect a few hilarious interview stories …Read More

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