How Smart HR Pros are Becoming Better Marketers

By Katie Williams

Smart HR pros and recruiters around the globe are using ratings and reviews, good or bad, in their favor. They’re learning how to use this knowledge to ultimately manage their employer brand and connect with candidates and new hires. And guess …

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How to Respond to Glassdoor Reviews to Build Candidate Trust

By Lisa Holden

Responding to Glassdoor reviews from the employer perspective is free, simple and hugely valuable to your employer brand. Find out what you can do to join the conversation happening about your company on Glassdoor by tuning in to our recent …

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Employees’ Choice Award Winner Stryker Values Employee Feedback

By Lisa Holden

Since Glassdoor announced the Best Places to Work in 2014, the 50 large companies and the 50 medium-sized companies on each list have gotten creative when it comes to telling the world all about this unique win, a testament to …

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When It Comes to Employer Branding, We Wrote the Book

By Glassdoor Team

Employer Branding For Dummies

Introducing Employer Branding for Dummies®, Glassdoor Special Edition!   Does your company reputation attract job candidates in droves or send them fleeing to shinier competitors? In this new age of workplace transparency and social media, a company’s culture, management reputation, …


6 Important Leadership Questions You’ve Probably Never Asked Yourself

By Jeff Havens

questions 2

Whatever your level and experience in the HR leadership world – and even if you’re not in HR – you’ve heard all the standard leadership advice before. It’s important to hear it occasionally, because all of us need to be …

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