How Recruiters Can Benefit From Glassdoor Job Explorer, a New Interactive Job Search Mapping Tool

By Will Staney

Today Glassdoor debuted Job Explorer, an interactive job search mapping tool designed to help job seekers quickly pinpoint available jobs as an individual or as a couple, and identify alternate career paths. In this blog I’ll highlight what Job Explorer …

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4 Features You Didn’t Know About in the Employer Center

By Greg Castle

Think of the Glassdoor Employer Center as the command center for your employer brand. Our product team is constantly adjusting and improving the tools within to be as useful and intuitive as possible. Sometimes we find users get in the …

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Glassdoor Update from Chief Technology Officer, Ryan Aylward

By Ryan Aylward

Yesterday many members attempting to reach Glassdoor were not able to get to our site. For the majority of our users, this issue has been resolved, and Glassdoor is up and running. We apologize for the interruption of service. Our …

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Are You Considering Seeing Other Job Boards?

By Glassdoor Team


Two out of three employers are dissatisfied with the job boards they use. But the No. 1 reason employers don’t switch? They’re unaware of a good replacement! Glassdoor surveyed nearly 500 organizations, asking just how satisfied they are with the …

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