Reviving the Job Description

By Maren Hogan

Are your job descriptions outdated, stale, and quite frankly, unappealing? Maybe they hasn’t changed in structure over the last decade or so, but fewer people are attracted to the position or the quality of applicants has gone down. What has …

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Top 10 Turn-Offs for College Grads

By Danielle Durante

After months of tireless job searching, my friends were appalled—even horrified—when I announced I would not be accepting my first internship offer for the summer. With many professionals still recovering from the recession, I’ve recognized an attitude change among job …


It’s Not Too Late to Hire Students This Summer

By Rieva Lesonsky

Do you want to hire students this summer to round out your seasonal staffing needs? If so, you’re in the minority; a survey by insurance carrier EMPLOYERS reports only 20% of small businesses are hiring student workers this summer. Of the small …

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Are Your New Hires Failing to Meet Expectations? It Might Not Be Entirely Their Fault

By Jeff Havens

Hiring people is exhausting. You have to write the ad, screen out all the crazies, conduct a bunch of interviews, realize in the process that you weren’t 100% at screening out all the crazies, collect a few hilarious interview stories …

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Secrets to Recruiting Abroad from Redfin

By Sarah Fister Gale

If you want to find the best people in the world to work for your company, your recruiting efforts can’t be focused on local talent only. So we sought out recruiting abroad advice from Nicole Maddox, lead recruiter for Redfin. There …

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