Glassdoor Announces Talent Warrior Awards – Nominations Now Open

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Do you know someone who is not afraid to use social media to help your company find top talent? Does your company recruiter or talent acquisition leader have an innovative and creative approach to social recruiting? If so, nominate him or her for a Glassdoor Talent Warrior Award.


The Glassdoor Talent Warrior Awards recognize industry leaders for their effective use and application of social media to help promote their company’s employment brand and support hiring efforts.

How to apply? You can nominate yourself or someone you feel stands out in their approach to social recruiting. To get started, click the “nominate” button below and complete the short online form – it takes less than a minute.


After you nominate someone for a Talent Warrior Award, then post the following tweet from your Twitter account. You’ll automatically enter yourself to win a $100 Amazon gift card.¹

Social Recruiting Rocks! Just entered the @Glassdoor #TalentWarrior Awards

What happens once someone is nominated?

Once you nominate someone for a Talent Warrior Award, Glassdoor will email the nominee letting them know. We’ll ask them to complete a brief online form in which we ask for some insight into how they use social media to recruit top talent.

How will the winners be selected? How many people will win?

Ten individuals will be selected to win, and they will be chosen by the Glassdoor Social Leaders Panel.

The Glassdoor panel will evaluate nominees based on two key factors: the nominee’s completed online form and the company’s reputation on Glassdoor (specific to the nominee’s employer).

More than one person per company can be nominated, though only one per company can win.

What are the minimum requirements?

  • The nominee must currently have at least a Director level and above title and/or at least 7 years’ relevant HR or recruiting experience. They also must have worked at the same company in a talent acquisition/recruiter role for at least the past 6 months.
  • Each Talent Warrior nominee must have a Glassdoor Free Employer Account. ²
  • Nominee’s employer must have at least 10 company reviews and 10 interview reviews on Glassdoor. (Don’t have enough reviews? Ask employees and recent job candidates to share an anonymous company review and interview review on Glassdoor. Reviews must be published on Glassdoor before July 31, 2013.)

Questions? Email us at

¹ Glassdoor employees are not eligible for the Amazon gift card. Recipients of the gift card will be selected at random by Glassdoor. Up to 10 people will be rewarded.

² Signing up for a free employer account takes less than 2 minutes. Official company representatives (e.g. executives, HR professionals, talent acquisition experts, recruiters, etc.) are eligible to sign up for a free employer account but must sign up using a work email address. Other benefits of an employer account include the ability to respond to company reviews, manage basic company information, add photos and awards, get unlimited access to Glassdoor, and more.

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