How AT&T Tackled an Employer Brand Consolidation Challenge


A few years ago AT&T was working to consolidate multiple brands into what is now coined as “One AT&T.”  Not only did this present a customer branding challenge but also required focus on the company’s employment brand and recruiting efforts. What follows are some of the key ways Carrie Corbin, a Glassdoor Talent Warrior and AT&T Talent Attraction Associate Director, approached this challenge.

How AT&T Tackled an Employer Brand Consolidation Challenge

Made the Careers Site a Destination

Carrie Corbin_1We wanted to drive all job seekers to our AT&T jobs site,” said Corbin.  AT&T built an SEO strategy around their careers site to help drive direct applies. Corbin notes that these efforts have had significant cost savings implications in terms of how much money they spend on recruitment ads and other media. She added that they continue to invest in their career sites and noted that soon the site will be in a fully mobile responsive and design – viewable from any smartphone or mobile device.

Implemented a Smart Social Strategy

AT&T carefully implemented and built up each of its social media properties, including an employer profile on Glassdoor, directing job seekers back to their careers’ site. The company strategically uses the social channels to target top candidates and follow conversations closely to understand how they are influencing and shaping the brand’s perception. Most importantly, AT&T watches closely how and where they are driving job seeker interest in the form of applications and hires. In addition, AT&T added a “Social Slider” to their careers’ site to allow job seekers to follow and interact with their social profiles without leaving the framework of the site.

Corbin adds, “We do our organizations and candidates a disservice if we focus on things like social media for the sake of being ‘social’ or ‘cool.’ The real opportunity here is creatively using technology to continue to ensure we are getting our brand message in front of the candidates – wherever they may be. To that end, social recruiting is as much (or more) about employment branding as it is the act of recruiting.”

Thought Outside the Careers Site Box

AT&T was one of the first companies to create a Talent Network, launched in February 2009. The AT&T Talent Network serves as an alternative destination location for job seekers to keep in touch even if they weren’t applying for a job. The network, available to both desktop and mobile users, is also used as part of their events strategy to allow for immediate job seeker engagement. Via an app, it allows AT&Ts recruiting team to see who opted into the network at a specific event.

Corbin reports that they recently transitioned to a cloud technology platform to allow job seekers opting in to the Talent Network the ability to upload their work information via their social profiles. “This is a dual win that gives us the ability to source based on a job seekers experience and preferences, as well as allowing a way for recruiters to source social networks without accessing the personal information normally available on social media.”

Tracked Success

As of this summer, the careers’ site averages around 500,000 visits a month which Carrie attributes to the continued social media support and SEO efforts. Within six months of the launch of the careers’ site, Corbin’s team was recognized by the Society of Human Resource Management as one of five companies “Doing it Right” in regards to employment brand. Followed by two web marketing awards and the ERE award for Best Corporate Careers’ Site. In addition, the AT&T Talent Network gained more than half a million members within 6 months.

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