Top Companies for Culture & Values: Winners Share Tips

By Glassdoor Team on August 22, 2014

Today, Glassdoor released our inaugural list of the Top 25 Companies for Culture & Values (2014). Company culture is one of the top five most important factors job seekers consider before accepting a new job. Companies looking to hire and retain top …Read More


How to Build Employee Loyalty

By Donna Fuscaldo on January 27, 2014

It’s no surprise consumers are loyal to certain brands given the money and energy companies pour into building brand loyalty. But that loyalty doesn’t have to stop at products and services. Companies that want happy, productive employees who stick around …Read More


5 Unique Ways to Boost Employee Morale

By Jessica Miller-Merrell on January 23, 2014

Engaging employees in the day-to-day business is one of those tasks that seems simple but actually requires quite a bit of effort. People often think it just takes a few changes or conversations to turn people’s attitudes around, but it …Read More


Overcoming the Social Media Pitfalls of Employer Branding

By Glassdoor Team on December 27, 2013

Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages can help you successfully communicate your employer brand message. But those same tools can also damage your brand. It just takes a few disgruntled employees posting scathing examples of your workplace to make potential candidates …Read More


5 Things Job Seekers Are Considering When It Comes To Cul...

By Trish McFarlane on July 31, 2013

Whether you’re on the job search or contemplating your fit in your current company, one thing that will be a priority in your thinking is the company culture. There are many definitions of culture available, but one I like is …Read More

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