Top 10 Things To Do If You’re NOT At SHRM


If you aren’t one of the 8,000 people going to the annual SHRM convention, and you are missing the camaraderie, the learning and the best practices – here are ten suggestions for what you can do to stay on top of your HR and recruiting game.

10. Listen to the new Kelly Clarkson album. I’m not sure what this has to do with HR, but on Tuesday night of this week, your fellow HR friends in Chicago are going to be rocking out to Kelly Clarkson. So download a set of her tunes and join in!

9. Listen to the conversation on Twitter. I encourage you to set up a search for the hashtag #SHRM13. It will be a great way to listen along and see what people think about some of the major events. (Like Hilary Clinton’s opening keynote!)

8. Learn from HR thought leaders. Ever wondered who the next major thought leadership is coming from? Is it always going to be David Ulrich? There are other up and coming thought leaders that are worth checking out: Jeffrey Pfieffer, Rosabeth Kanter and Edward Lawler, to name a few. So while folks are at the conference, order one of their books, learn something, and ask the conference attendees why some of the major HR thought leaders aren’t at the conference.

7. Relax! Because the next one is a doozy.

6. Get up to speed on the Affordable Care Act and the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Trust. The last part is a mouthful, but this June is the first time that the health plans have to pay one dollar per plan participant this year, and then next year it will be two dollars. So, if you wondered when the “costs” that you have been hearing about kick in – it is happening now. Learn more here!

5. Get recertified! If you have your PHR, SPHR or GPHR certification – you know how hard the test is, so please make sure to get your continuing education credits and recertified! You have to do this every three years – so go to HRCI and see how many credits you have.

4. Get certified. Don’t have your credits and want a way to get them? as a great program that allows you to get ALL of the credits that you need for your certifications, and you never need to leave your desk!

3. Watch a great video from Wayne Cascio. Dr. Wayne Cascio is an amazing professor, HR thought leader, and is in the HR Hall of Fame (seriously!). Here is one of his speeches to give you an idea of why he is one of the best!

2. Get to know some local HR folks in your community. Why go to Chicago to make HR friends you might never see again? There are 575 chapters of HR professionals around the United States – and here is a directory to find out who is around you. You are always going to get stumped with a HR question, so it is great to have a local network that you can reach out to with questions!

1. Follow me at SHRM! I was very lucky to be one of the credentialed bloggers this year, so feel free to follow me on Twitter (@FranzGilbert) or on my blog.

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Author:  Franz Gilbert

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