Top 5 Ways To Hire On Facebook

The social networking site, Facebook, is the world’s most popular website in the entire world with US adults spending 393 minutes a month updating their status, sharing photos, and chatting with their friends. While managers, HR teams and senior leaders at companies discuss developing a social media policy, these same organizations can take advantage of the recruitment and candidate engagement opportunities Facebook provides. But the real question is where to begin…? Below are five tips to consider to effectively hire on Facebook:

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Your Facebook Fan Page

Chances are that your corporate marketing team has been cultivating and building a presence on Facebook with the company fan page.  The recruiting team can take advantage by adding a jobs tab or app that displays their job openings, information about the company culture, and what makes your organization different and better than the rest.  This particular strategy resonates with me because it requires little effort.  Plus, it’s highly likely your satisfied customers and fans would make great employees at your organization.

Recruiter Job Distribution

Many recruiters use referrals and their personal networks as a strategy to fill open positions.  Encourage your corporate recruiting team to share job openings with their personal network.  Consider offering a specific employee referral campaign for this purpose. Make it easy by creating a featured job of the week for them to share and allow lurkers to learn more about openings driving web traffic to your corporate careers page(s).

Facebook Ads

Companies can target content and conversations on Facebook for very specific job seekers to see.  Focus your efforts for only a few dollars a day by location, degree, professional associations, and interests.  Your ad needs to be short, to the point, and compelling.  Sometimes a short message like, “Have a nice weekend” is simple and different enough to grab your job seeker’s attention.

Groups that Give

One of my most successful ways of building relationships with candidates on Facebook is through groups on Facebook.  You can either join one of the millions of groups already established or create your own community helping job seekers in a particular target or niche area ask questions, network with each other and learn about openings.  Pick up the phone and talk to the right influencer, and watch your candidate pipeline fill.

Job Openings by Picture

Photos have been an important piece of what has made Facebook such a powerful network. The nearly 1 billion users upload a reported 750 billion photos each month.  Recruiters and employees can easily share a picture ad or infographic of the job opening at their organization.  Sharing photos with one another is easy and takes seconds. Recruiters can take things a step further using other photo and picture sharing tools like Pinterest and Instagram to engage, promote job openings, and reach a new active and engaged audience.

The downside to Facebook for recruiters is that it is not an effective sourcing platform.  It does provide an opportunity to take advantage of web site visitors using targeted messaging, your employees’ networks, and the social sharing to recruit job seekers creatively and with low cost methods.

Categories: Talent Acquisition
Author:  Jessica Miller-Merrell

Author and workplace technology strategist. @blogging4jobs


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