Recognizing your commitment to transparency

Today's candidates seek transparency, and now Glassdoor provides a way for companies to show that they've got it. Distinguish your brand by completing the five steps in order to obtain an OpenCompany profile badge as well as access to exclusive Glassdoor promotional opportunities.

Benefits of OpenCompany include:

  • Distinguished branding that appeals to high quality candidates
  • Increased influence with candidates not currently aware of your company
  • Learn best practices to employee branding and engagement
  • Streamlined recruitment processes with a better app-to-hire ratio
  • “Dell is very much about listening. We listen to customers and candidates in order to get better. OpenCompany is a natural step in Dell’s commitment to be open and transparent with people. We want to encourage a two-way dialogue between the company and our customers, team members and candidates.”

    - Jennifer Newbill Global Talent Acquisition Program Manager, Dell
  • "As a company whose focus is on making information more readily available to consumers, the concepts and goals behind Glassdoor's OpenCompany are in alignment with our own beliefs.  We sincerely believe that any one who wants to succeed should put transparency first, as the best type of decision is a well-informed decision."

    - Chris Hiner Recruiting Manager, Engage3

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