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Can You Ask That Interview Question?

By Rieva Lesonsky on April 23, 2014

You’re interviewing a job candidate you really want to hire and you’re getting along great. Out of pure curiosity as part of your conversation, you ask her, “Are you married?” Oops. You just stepped on one of the legal confines …Read More


Asking for Employee Feedback Should Start on Day One

By joelballezza on January 21, 2015

The following blog post was written by Joel Ballezza (@JoelWho), Engagement Marketing Manager at Expedia, Inc. Employers hire new talent for a variety of reasons: market expansion, employee turnover and to bring unique stills to the team. However, beyond the …Read More

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6 Important Leadership Questions You?ve Probably Never ...

By Jeff Havens on June 4, 2014

Whatever your level and experience in the HR leadership world – and even if you’re not in HR – you’ve heard all the standard leadership advice before. It’s important to hear it occasionally, because all of us need to be …Read More


The 5 Questions Every Candidate Hopes You’ll Ask

By Franz Gilbert on January 31, 2014

Interviewing is usually stressful for the candidate, but what about the hiring manager? Interviewing candidates to determine whether or not they are a fit for your organization can be quite a burden. To make it easy, I’ve gathered the top …Read More


Why HR Should Consider Asking Oddball Interview Questions

By Donna Fuscaldo on January 17, 2014

Ask a job seeker what his or her weaknesses are and chances are they will say they work too hard. Ask that same candidate what they would do if they won $20 million in the lottery and you’re not likely …Read More


7 Employer Branding Questions to Ask Yourself

By Glassdoor Team on December 5, 2013

Building your employer brand? There’s much to consider and remember. Make sure you cover all the bases by asking yourself these five questions.


7 Must-Ask Exit Interview Questions

By Jessica Miller-Merrell on August 5, 2013

You know the saying “Ignorance is bliss?” Well whoever said that was wrong. It should actually read “Ignorance is bliss for a moment, then it bites you in the ass.” There’s no place where this is truer than HR professionals …Read More


5 Behavioral Interview Questions Employers Should Ask

By Donna Fuscaldo on April 30, 2013

When it comes to interviewing, it’s easy for job candidates to fake their way through certain questions, unless the company is throwing some behavioral inquiries their way.


4 Things to Consider Before Letting an Employee Go

By Maren Hogan on February 3, 2015

Letting go of an employee might sound like a great idea in a fit of anger, or at the peak of your frustration, but it’s vital to take a step back and reflect on the decision. Managers are in a …Read More


Are Your New Hires Failing to Meet Expectations? It Might...

By Jeff Havens on July 9, 2014

Hiring people is exhausting. You have to write the ad, screen out all the crazies, conduct a bunch of interviews, realize in the process that you weren’t 100% at screening out all the crazies, collect a few hilarious interview stories …Read More

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