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Having an expanded profile on Glassdoor allows us to broaden our message to candidates…
Julie Biber EVP of U.S. Recruitment Team

Corporate Branding

Glassdoor gives employers the opportunity to message directly to those candidates actively researching them and influence them at the moment they’re making decisions.

  • Tell your story with dynamic branded content like why work for us messaging, videos and social media integration
  • Block competitors from advertising jobs on your Glassdoor profile
  • Showcase your open positions with a direct jobs feed from your career site

87% of job seekers are more likely to visit a company’s career site after viewing their Enhanced Profile on Glassdoor.

Job Advertising

The candidates on Glassdoor are engaged, well-researched and highly selective when applying for jobs. This is the talent you’re looking for.

  • Advertise all your open positions or single jobs on a as-needed basis
  • Maximize your job ads budget with pay-for-performance advertising
  • Post jobs directly from your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Employers who advertise jobs on Glassdoor report 2x better applicant quality compared to traditional job boards.

Talent Analytics

Monitor, measure and track employer brand, company reputation and job click activity with Glassdoor advanced brand reporting and analytics.

  • Monitor brand awareness, company and CEO reputation over time
  • Analyze the demographics and activity of the candidates researching you
  • Track rankings vs. your talent competitors across categories like Culture & Values, Work/Life Balance, and Benefits

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